Vision, Values and Aims

Vision, Values and Aims

In Coldstream Primary School we strive to work together to create an environment where all children are happy, enjoy and excel at learning and life and will flourish in today’s world.

As part of an inclusive learning community all learners in Coldstream Primary School will feel valued and will be encouraged and supported to develop as:

successful learners – explore and ask questions, are creative and curious with an enthusiasm and motivation for learning and who can think independently and creatively, persevere and problem solve.


responsible citizens – who work together and learn from others, being collaborative and reflective, who are respectful and inclusive in their understanding of others with a sense of social responsibility that helps them to understand their role within the community and wider

effective contributors – aim high and are aspirational and who are curious, resilient, aspirational and have the confidence to use their initiative and are open to new experiences

confident individuals – have a go and never give up, displaying resilience and perseverance and who respect themselves, their abilities and their values and with a good understanding of physical health and emotional wellbeing.


At Coldstream Primary School education and developing the skills for life-long learning are our passion. We believe in the intrinsic worth of every individual and that there is nothing the children and adults in our community cannot achieve.

• Happiness with the state of well-being and contentment underpinning all we do.
• Inclusion and promoting equity leading to equality of opportunity across all areas of school life including our curriculum and in all of our policies and practice.
• Behaving respectfully with everyone we meet;
• Having ambition and communicating our high expectations clearly to each other
• Being creative and reflective impacting on our ability to be open-minded and to problem-solve
• Working together as a community and to help everyone achieve their best.


At Coldstream Primary School we aim, in the best way possible, to prepare our learners for the future, to instil life- long learning skills alongside the skills and attitudes for life in the 21st Century.
We believe in the ability of every child and our mission is to create an environment that children can enjoy and excel in regardless of their gender, ethnicity, additional needs, beliefs or socio-economic background. Children will be supported and encouraged to be healthy, resilient, socially and environmentally aware and to look forward with optimism and purpose.
We are committed to educating in a holistic way, focusing on the social, moral, creative and artistic as well as the academic.
We aim to create a vibrant and enriching learning community which is open and welcoming, inclusive and supportive, promoting partnerships with the wider community and where the contributions of all children, staff and families are valued, included and respected.
Coldstream Primary School will be a place of learning for all. Children and staff will be encouraged to be reflective to drive improvement, achievement, ethos and values to create lay a firm foundation from which we grow.